Press clips

Pershing Square to become LA’s “Green Heart” through redesign (Hub-LA, 12/6/17)

Better Luck This Time (Landscape Architecture Magazine, 6/9/16)

Beethoven battles Pershing Square: Renovation uproar over statues, monuments (My News L.A., 6/2/16)

Take a walk through Pershing Square as it looked in 1910 (Time Out Los Angeles, 1/12/16)

D.J. Waldie asks if Pershing Square Renew is asking too much of Pershing Square. (KCET Where We Are, 12/22/15)

The Architect's Newspaper bizarrely calls our campaign to restore John Parkinson's classic 1910 park design "kitschy." (11/5/2015)

This Rare Film Shows What DTLA's Shoe Game Looked Like 100 Years Ago (Racked L.A., 10/20/2015)

Here's Video of Downtown's Pershing Square as It Was in 1916 (Curbed L.A., 10/14/2015)

Concrete Dreams: Restoring Pershing Square (KCET, 10/13/2015)

The Bigger Picture with Timothy Spangler (870-AM, 12/1/2013): Architectural historian Stephen Gee talks John Parkinson (and the Pershing Square park restoration campaign). Stephen's interview starts here, and the Pershing Square section starts here.

City Beat: There's little life left in Pershing Square (Los Angeles Times, 10/5/2013)

38 Photos of Pershing Square from 1866 To Today (Curbed L.A., 8/28/2013)