Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Open Letter to the Semi-Finalists of the Pershing Square Renew Design Competition from The Pershing Restoration Society

We call on the architectural firms submitting proposals for the Pershing Square Renew Design Competition to make John Parkinson's classic 1910 park plan central to the new design, incorporating the extant historic sculptures in their traditional locations.

The elements of the Parkinson Plan, the only version of Pershing Square that has ever been successful, embody the core elements of positive public space: green and quiet zones, water as a central unifying element, pedestrian short cuts and edges around which crowds can congregate to fill the square.

We are available to provide information about the historic park, so please call on us.

As a supporting document for this open letter, we also are pleased to share with you the eloquent comments of some of the more than 2000 people who have signed the Restore Pershing Square petition and who would eagerly support a return to Parkinson's design.

- The Pershing Square Restoration Society