Pershing Square Lore

Don't Redesign Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!

John Parkinson's 1910 design for Pershing Square
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For nearly 150 years, Pershing Square has been the public square in the center of Los Angeles, at the heart of the city's social, cultural and political life. But a series of insensitive redesigns, beginning in the 1950s, has resulted in a confused and ugly park that is a blot on the redeveloping Downtown.

Now, an international design competition has been announced, seeking a new look for the historic park. But Pershing Square doesn't need another redesign. It needs to be restored to the classic, beautiful design that was torn up in 1951 to build the parking lot and bomb shelter: with a central fountain, sculptures placed in their historic locations, diagonal paths, shade trees, benches and street-level views and pedestrian access.

Our PETITION and our plea to Mayor Garcetti, City Council and the Department of Recreation and Parks:

Don't Redesign Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!

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